Saturday, June 17, 2006

You ever had that feeling....

You ever had that feeling when your standing over the ball on the tee and realise you have no absolutely no idea where the ball is going? I had this problem today, it was my first round back after injuring my leg and it wasn't pretty. Sure it hasn't healed yet and I have to limp down the fairway like as Tiger would say, a "spaz". I can swing not too bad (well for me) at about 80% but can't really follow too well.
I just couldn't hit a tee shot today to save myself. I hit cut's (normal shot) straight one's and even draw's!! I don't even know how to draw my driver. Now you don't really want to be hitting draws when your aiming at the edge of the left hand rough just waiting for the ball to drift back. The it starts going further left instead!!!!! It's not conductive too even finding my ball let alone good scoring. Hence an 45 on the front nine, I did salvage somehow a 37 on the back but that was just a fluke the way I was hitting the ball.

BTW Did I mention winter's starting to kick in down here and it was %$#@ing cold!!!!!!