Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tattoo Golf

Now this is some cool looking golf apparell. When I'm on the course I look nothing like what a golfer "should" do. I wear jean's and a tee-shirt. If it's cold I'll throw a hoodie. Granted if it's a big tournament I'm playing in I'll dress up in the standard golf gear and walk round looking like a dork all day. This stuff might be for me.

Check them out

Friday, March 24, 2006

J B Holmes bag change?

Now Mr Holmes here has had a pretty good start to his debut season on the PGA Tour. He came from nowhere to be medalist at Q-School last year and won the FBR Open in like only his 6th (don't quote me here) start on Tour. He hit's it mile, although who doesn't on tour nowadays.

He won the FBR with the new Titleist 695 CB's in the bag. Now he's switched to Cobra's. No offence to Cobra but why. The irons he had got him on tour, won him first event. Now too me a rookie on tour has enough to learn, let alone getting used to a new brand of clubs as well .

Maybe I'm just jealous.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New driver shaft!!!

Yeah mate this what I'm putting in my driver!!!!! Isn't it pretty??? I think it's cool anyway. And no of course i didn't buy just because of the colour...but it did help. I've read some great review's on some of the forums I read.

Check out more here

BTW it's going into a Cleveland Comp

I hate it when...

You go out for a round (bash) and you pick up a single. Now this I don't mind, have had lot of fun in fact when one join's in. It's when you get one that think's he know every thing about the game. Pick's hole's in your swing (trust me mate I know they're there) and ask's why you are using such and such equipment.......... But you've thrashed by 15 shot's over the last 9 hole's. Then to top it off he tells you he's actually a 5 but is trying out a few changes. Screw the swing change's mate, quit and take up ping-pong.

I had a bad day so it's just me venting.....

Update on my game

Ok boy's and girl's. Now for the post about how crap my game is and how I'm never happy with. Wow there's something you don't hear everyday, A golfer that's not happy with his game.... (Note that

I'm playing 2.2 at the moment and it's going out flat stick. Kinda good I suppose I need the extra shot's. I played in a big amatuer tournament last week. Well should I say I tried, I missed the cut by 3. After of course making a triple down the last.

I can hit it a fair way. There do tend to be lapses in my radar though. Actually a lot of lapse's and can normally scronge a decent score because I consider myself a goodish putter.

In case you don't know I live wayyyyyy down here at the bottom of New Zealand. No it's not that cold and yes we can play year round unlike most golfer's in the USA.

Bubba's swing

Yeah sure technically he's left-handed but here's what it would look like if he stood on my side of the ball.
Gotta love that over swing, not too mention the pink shaft. But if you can bomb out over 350 yards I don't many people taking the piss.

Testing Testing....

First Post on like my..... ok I actually no idea what number blog I'm up too. Forget the rest this is home from now on in.

These rambling's will be mine and mine alone so therefore all the mistake's are someone else's fault.... of course. It's based around the great and painful game of golf. My own game, my observation and under- valued (for a good reason) opinion.