Saturday, June 24, 2006

Played today

And for a change it wasn't too bad. I'm still recovering from having a scaffold collapse on me but it's only really my leg that annonys me now. I teed off on the 10th and proceeded to find myself 4 over after 7. Not flash but I'm off a 3 an my handicap is on the way out. I finish the nine at the same score (+4) and head to the 1st (my 10th) tee in.. well lets just say not the best mood. I finally get it together having 4 birdie's on that side but it included a 3 jack bogey as well but I'm kinda happy to finish +1 73. Not bad considering the start.

Honestly i need to practice my putting. But it's just SO boring. I get bored after like 5 mins. I had 32 putt's to day including 3 3 jacks. I had a 10 footer for birdie on the 8 that I whacked 6 feet past and missed the return leading to another one. I wasn't impressed. I track my stats at as well so I hit an above average 50% of the fairways today together with a respectable 67% of the greens in regulation..

Guess I'll just have to see how tomorrow's round goes.