Wednesday, February 21, 2007

NZ PGA starts tomorrow.

Well NZ's only link to the US Tours begins down here tomorrow. It's part of the Nationwide Tour which swings down here every year for a stop and one in Australia as well. I have been up to see it once but was pretty damn impressed with the talent on display. Not going this year tho, got this work that gets in the way.. (It does it for about 50 hours a week just to annoy me)

The have tricked the rough up a little I hear, that should be interesting. Clearwater Resort is a great course and if the wind gets up the scores will follow. If it stays calm I expect them to tear the course to bits. But then again its in Christchurch and I don't think I've ever been there when it hasn't blown for more than 3 days so I don't like there chances

My M/P picks for Day 1

Ok I'm going to try and throw a few picks out there for the first rounds. Might just do what I see to be an upset. I'm to lazy to do them lol

Katayama will take out Baddeley
Clarke will thrash Garcia. (i assume this is Darren)
Edfors will beat Monty
Micheel will show Scott the door to the airport

Really slight chance....... Rollins beats VJ in sudden death

So whats that 5 matchs, knowing my track record in picking sports I'll be lucky to get 1, no way more than 2.

Dr Pepper.

Ok so I'm 24 years and only just had my first Dr Pepper today. Sad huh, well its not the easiest thing to get down. First impressions were that it wasn't bad. But then I just decided it was well fairly average. Thats just me. It's got nothing over Coke. And Coke in turn has nothing over Beer...

Can you tell I'm bored ........

Nice... very nice

Wow now this is impressive........ Read on

12 February 2007 Wallace shoots back to back albatrosses

Auckland’s Ben Wallace achieved an amazing feat earlier this month when he shot back to back albatrosses on the fourth hole at Auckland Golf Club inside the space of a week.
The talented Titleist Academy player scored his first albatross off the back tees during a tournament at the course on Saturday 3 February.
He was then out playing with Australian professional Peter Fowler and his coach on the following Tuesday when he potted another albatross on the par 5 hole after Fowler challenged him to see if he could do it again.
Fowler said it was an amazing feat as he had only seen one albatross in his entire career, which spans more than 25 years. Fowler has also just qualified for July's British Open.
Wallace's back to back albatrosses are the talk of Auckland Golf Club and the club made a special presentation to Wallace in recognition of his achievement.

(courtesy of the NZGA website)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

3 is a bad number

Not all the time but this weekend it was just well.. a fugly number. Sure scoreing a 3 on a hole is pretty much always a good thing... Just not if your only counting the number of shots taken on 1 green as well all know.

I was up in Te Anau in the weekend playing in a 36 hole tournament on the Saturday and the 1st round of pennants on the Sunday. Well I finished up 4th in some fairly average conditions (summer time my ass) with an ok I suppose 79 in the morning and a level par 72 in the afternoon. That 79 I actually hit the ball better than in the afternoon round but I had 6 putts in the morning. I don't think I've ever had 6 3 putts in a round since about the 4th round I ever played. Wasn't good. I was not impressed. I had just put a new std putter in the bag too. Needless to say it got pulled at lunch and the belly put back in..

Today (Sunday) It was the 1st round of the pennants series. This involves the 7 bigger clubs in my province playing in 6 man matchplay match's. My team is the defending champions having gone undefeated in the round robin and cleaning up in semi's and final. This year we started off with a 3 each Halve. Not great but not bad. It actually came down to my match, it was the only one that went the distance. The other team were leading 3-2 when I was all square with 3 to go. I was actually 2 up with 5 to go back snapped to consecutive drives on 2 holes OB. 16 I flushed rescue down the middle. Wedge to 12 feet, miss the putt. He missed from 25 Halve.. #17 He lays up with 3 wood. I take driver and stripe it to about 35 yards from the green. He's just short with the approach. I semi-skull mine out the back. His chip was awful and I 2 putt for the win... Sweet 1 up 1 to go. I can't and don't wanna lose the hole. We need my win to halve the team match. #18 is 456 par 4, dogleg right. I smash one but block it a little right but gets great bounce to centre f/w way down. He's straight and perfect. He stiffs 6 iron to 3 feet.... Gee no pressure.. I hit wedge 20 feet past the pin that just misses the pin on the fly. I hole my putt after it sits on the lip for a second. In the process nearly giving me a heart attack. But it falls and his putt is pointless. He needed to win the hole.

Pity it was the only putt I holed all weekend, but then again it was when it was perfect timing.

BTW I 3 jacked once Sat Afternoon for a total of 7 in 2 rounds.. None Sunday SWEEETTTTTT

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Draper collects 1st win

Australian Tour professional Scott Draper collected his first professional golf win. Draper is also a former World ATP touring tennis pro. He reached a career high ranking of No42 in singles and won the Australian Open Mixed doubles in 2005, playing the Australian Golf Open the nest week.

He recently turned down an offer to coach Leyton Hewiit to concentrate on his career as a touring golfer.

Draper finished at -20 the card over the four round, playing great golf with only a solitary bogey over the 4 days. He now heads to South Australia to attempt to qualify for the Nationwide co-sanctioned Jacobs Creek Open

It has to be a world first for golf/tennis player to win professionally in both sports professional ranks, espically only over a 2 year period

Importance of speed control for lag putt

Ben Crenshaw (1980) stated:
"Most amateurs don't know how hard to hit a putt. They are too line-conscious and don't pay enough attention to the speed of a putt. Most three-putt greens are the result of hitting the first putt very long or very short, rather than far to the left or right of the hole."

Woods (2002) stated:
"One of the keys to effective lag putting is a good read with proper speed. That's particularly true on a big breaker. What good does it do me to get the ball rolling on the correct line if I knock it six feet past the hole?"

Sorenstam (2004) stated:
“If your speed is right, it’s almost impossible to three-putt.”

A key factor in determining proper ball speed to travel the distance to the hole is whether it travels uphill or downhill. Some players have a problem in determining ball speed on sloped greens.

Editors of Golf Magazine (1973) stated:
"There are thousands of players who are consistently short on every uphill and consistently long on every downhill putt. And we mean every."It's convenient to imagine a change in hole position to account for the slope of the green. If you are putting uphill, imagine a hole that is farther away. If you are putting downhill, imagine a hole that is closer to you.

This imaginary hole position is termed the virtual hole, which defines the effective ball-hole distance required to putt on level ground.

Great advice this and so true as well

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Well I finally get rid of the shanks, had a little bit of the yips as well but they seem to have disappeared as well. The game was going down the sewer there for a while.. As can see in the post below I had a 71 in the final round of the Club Champs..

.Here's a little about the round. I birdies 1,3,5,7 to finish the front nine at -4. Par 10, 11, and birdie 12 to get to -5. Its about now I start getting weird strange ideas in my head. After all the course record is only -5 (67). Par 13 after hitting a wedge to 3 feet and snap hooking the birdie, yes, I didn't know it was possible to snap hook a putt either. Get to 14 tee, fairly straight forward Par 4 as long as you don't go left. I take rescue and put the worst swing I've put on a ball in weeks. A shank would have better. It goes about 3 miles right of the fairway into the amazon jungle (trees). I chop my way up the hole. Make a tidy (fugly) triple 7 which kills my card. 15 I was a tad pissed off and ripped off a 310 metre drive. Another bogey on 17 and you have my -1 71. I don't think I've ever been so moody about an under par round. Granted I still won the Champs and the few beers/rums in the 19th made me feel a little better

Kiwi actually wins something!!!!

Guess what............ I actually won a golf trophy. Sweetttttttttt. Today I won my clubs Strokeplay Club Champs. Top grade/flight. I had a 2 round total of 142 (-2), 2 rounds of 71. I'm positive I've never actually won a golf trophy before. First time for everything I suppose.

Sorry crappy photo I know, camera's busted had to resort to the old cell phone.
I also qualified No2 for the matchplay section as well. First rounds in a few weeks

Friday, February 09, 2007

First Grafalloy Epic hits E-Bay

For all you ho's who just have to have it:

Here's the press release from True Temper

Memphis, TN…On Thursday, February 8th at 8:00 AM EST, Grafalloy will make the first production Epic shaft available for purchase on the online auction site eBay®. The shaft, listed as item number 130077482619 is being sold directly from Grafalloy to offer one lucky consumer the chance of a lifetime…to own the first production Epic shaft over 3 years in development. The winning bidder of the 5-day auction will also receive a letter of authenticity from the company. The shaft available for auction is a 68 gram S Flex 46” driver shaft in a .335” tip configuration. “Everything about Epic is one-of-a-kind, so this is a fun way to create additional excitement around the shaft and give one person a unique opportunity,” states Chad Hall, Director of Marketing. “I can’t wait until the bidding begins.” Constructed from revolutionary Nanofuse® material, Epic was introduced at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida in late January and will be available to the public in mid-March in driver, fairway wood and hybrid designs. Through extensive robotic and player test data, Epic has shown to produce increased distance with up to a 35% improvement in shot dispersion compared to graphite shafts on the market today. Additional information is available at The Epic series of shafts are designed and manufactured by True Temper Sports, the leading manufacturer of golf shafts in the world and consistently the number one shaft on all professional tours globally. The Company markets a complete line of shafts under the True Temper®, Grafalloy® and Rifle® shaft brands, and sells these brands in over thirty countries throughout the world. True Temper Sports is proudly represented by over 800 individuals in ten facilities located in the United States, Europe, Japan, China and Australia.

Now I was waiting to see the bit about $$ from the winning bid going to a golfing charity, ie The First Tee but not so far as I can see. BTW its up too $600 at the moment. Lotta cash .......... And no its not my bid

This is impressive

Damn this is impressive. Now living down here I know nothing about ice hockey but this is impressive !!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 05, 2007


Guess what happened to me........ I've developed a maddening case of the SHANKS........ It's not pretty. I've hit the odd one before but I hit 4 today...... On 1 hole.A grand total of 8 of them. A nice solid of 87. Not good. Oh well of too the range to try and get rid of it.

ProPlay fitting systems

This is one of the best aids I've ever come across. Doesn't help that I know the guys who came up with it either... I know kind of biased isn't it.

As we all know the basis for a good swing is a good frip, sure you can make a decent swing with an incorrect grip but it ain't that easy. This system aims to give the perfect grip form beginner to pro. It's perfectly legal and is approved by both the R&A and USGA as far I know.

The system itself is colour-coded. It starts out with you picking a glove that fits your hand (about 8 or so sizes) You then pick a grip with the same colour and have it installed on a club. The glove has little coloured panels on the fingers that are supposed to match up with little coloured corresponding panels on the grip. Damn I'm making an ass of trying to explain this.

Lets just say to me its a great product. Give it a try