Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What's in my bag??

I'm a club ho at heart. i can my bag pretty often but normally only a club or 2 at a time. But I do have my standard bag that I tend to always go back too. Here's what's in it at the moment..

Driver// HiBore with a Graman UL540 Limey shaft (see post further down)
Rescue's// Nike CPR 18'
RAM 21' (it ugly, it was free but hey it works)
Irons// Cleveland CG2's 4-5 irons 6.0 rifles
Cleveland CG1's BP finish 6-PW 6.0 rifles
Wedges// Feel 52'
TaylorMade 56' 60'
Putter// Maltby CER mallet thing
Ball// Bridgestone B330
Callaway HX Tour
Titleist V1X
Glove// what ever's on special