Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I hate getting spanked

I hate losing..... I mean if i wanted to lose I would have chosen to be born Australian and I'd be in the Wallaby team............ Anyhow back on topic (which is strange for me) I made my rep debut in the weekend playing for the good Southland mens 12 man team. I made a complete hash of it to say the least. Was playing No 6 and proceeded to hit what can only been described as damn near a driver shank on the first tee. Sure I flushed the next over 6 trees and a bunker to 5 feet but who care's.. Bugger all other people saw that so it was the tee shot that cost me a small fortune at the pub later. Needless to say i had an average 79 (in my defence in was pissing down) which resulted in me getting reamed 5/4. The worst part was we had play out the round even after the match's were over. I mean who gives a shit right. I got thrashed, do they really think I want to be out there any longer than I had to.

Next it in the car and Mach 1 down the road in the crapped old Mitsi to Arrowtown. Was i speeding, well technically yes but hey in my defence the rugby started soon and I wanted to get to the pub. Now I dunno about you fellas but the game (Mighty AB's vs wallaby's) starting at 5;30 really messed with my head. The game finshed, we had a celebratory beer, again then well it's only half 7. What the hell do we do now. I know we'll have another beer.. Works for me..

Sunday 7am// Light comes on... "Wake up Dave we're leaving for the course soon" The reply " Fat chance I have the key's"..

Yeah Saturday night may not have finshed till Sunday moring.. Oop's. We get the course, get reamed out by the manager for getting on it the night before. Oh well. Go out and play. Better day but it was the first 9 i'd had on a hole for a while. Same result as Sat, 79 and a 5/4 beating. My team was leading 7.5 to 4.5 after Saurday but we all lost bar 2 so we ended losing the match.. Well that didn't make us anymore popular with the manager did it.

Oh well there's always next time.. But then again somehow I'm not rating my chance's of getting selected again for the 10 man team next month..

Monday, August 07, 2006

Had a shocker this weekend

I had local representative trials this weekend for my local area. Hmmm don't think I could have made a bigger ass of myself. Played absolutely terrible. I've never struggled so much with my ball striking, never.

I managed to hit a stunning 13/36 greens over the 2 days...... Dude that is crap. That's only like one in 3.... I was hitting big power cuts off the tee but that's bearable just aim way left... But my irons were just plain crap. Enough said. The putter went cold in the morning as well paving the way for a 81!!!!!!!! 81!!!!!! Its been a while since I shot in the 80's and well the feeling is worse than I remember. The short game saved my butt in the 2nd round round were I still missed a boatload of greens but mangaged to to get up and down 11/14 times including twice from a bunker. Scrounged a 74 but the damage was done...

And its not like I haven't practiced. I had a few sessions on the range last week and was hitting it great. Short game practice was good too. I don't put it down to choke either because I was only an outside chance for the 12 man team anyway and put no pressure on myself.

Just one of those weekends I suppose........