Thursday, July 09, 2009


Just thought I'd throw a post out there about one of the newest golf website's out there. If you want to be in the know about new product release's and prototype clubs out there, these guys are the guy's to visit.

Is it just me?

Or are golf clubs getting cheaper. Obviously I'm not talking about brand new off the rack OEM clubs, the cost a small fortune. I'm talking about the ebay, auction site's and various BST's online for 2nd hand clubs. Maybe this has something to do with the recession thing that I've been hearing about.

I admit it, I do then to go through golf clubs like a hooker goes through boxe's of rubber's. But I'm finding that digging for that 2nd hand, used, ex demo bargain that we all look for is a little easier. People may just be selling just to get the cash for stuff they don't use.

I love it. I can buy more clubs now, for less money. Brilliant, I'm in heaven.

They get all the perks.

As we know The Open Championship is being played the week after next. Which of course is on the other side of the planet, from where all the pampered PGA Tour player's normally ply there trade. With the John Deere Classic (formerly Quad City Open?) on this week that would normally make for a pretty damn quick turn around. Finish at the JD Sunday night, assuming you make the cut of course. And you then want to be in the land of the Brit's by Tuesday morning at the latest.

The John Organizer's have come up with a solution. They charter a plane with a 100 seats, which will have you over the pond, direct flight of course by early Monday morning. Brilliant. The tournament committee came up with the idea to encourage more top tier player's to play there event, without having to stress and worry about there travel. Seats can be bought for $1250US with each player allocated 3. Of course the money goes to charity. It's cost's the tournament guys are 300K to put the plane on, but that is only half the price. The Canadian Open which the week after uses the same plan to get players/caddys from Britain to Canuckland.

Incidentally, it is also the same plane used by NBA team Dallas Mavericks. So head and legroom is a non issue. Unless there are some 7ft pro golfer's around that I haven't heard of.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Taking a lesson

Well to start I have to say this. I hate golf lessons with a passion. I've only ever had 2, and afterward's came away that confused and played that bad I just didn't play for a while. I'm a 3 marker at the moment so I know how to hit the ball. But my swing is somewhat, what's the word...hideous/awful/unreliable, you get the idea.

I'm getting a few tips off the club champ at my club, a guy who is robot on the course. Everything is flushed. And I can beat him occasionally. The best bit is he wants paid in beer, which of course I get to help drink.

Had the first one tonight. Apparently I stand to far away from the ball, Stand wayyy to upright. Have all my weight on my heels. And don't even get him started on my grip. Great, I've been here 10 mins, hit 12 balls and I'm ripped to shred's. It's just being back at school. Funny thing is I'm not the type of person who really likes getting told what to do. But after a few/many teething problems, I started to hit it pretty good. Sure standing that much closer to ball felt the clubhead was going to hit my toes and the grip end was going sever my nut's from my crutch. But the ball was flying a little straighter.

Damn it now I'm going to have practice more often or I end up in that dreaded place. Between 1 swing and the other. Otherwise known and Shankland. And my passport has many stamps from that over the last while so I'm in no hurry to go back.