Thursday, June 15, 2006

US Open

My pick for the US Open this year is David Howell... Not Tiger you say, well why would i pick Tiger, that's just too much of a safe bet for me. Howell has been playing pretty well this year over on the Euro circuit and he just seem's to make sense to me. Which means he doesn't to anyone else!!

Another couple of people I'll throw in the ring are Rod Pampling who has snuck into the world Top 30 and is probably the most under-rated guy on tour, and Henrik Stenson. Syenson is straight and reasonably long for a pro.

Straight is going to obviously be very important this week, thats why I've picked these 3.

By the way I will of course be rooting for Cambo, defending champ and a fellow Kiwi

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dilly said...

I like stenson too,the swedes ae fun & they defenitly know how to golf :) & as for howell...anyone that putts as well as he does,deserves to win some big ones.Its a shame he couldnt finish off his round yesterday :(