Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tigers Handicap

A friend of mine just sent this to me. Amazing!

Consider this...

If Tiger Woods played you, how many strokes would he be giving up to
make a fair match? The answer may shock you.

You may consider yourself a fine player with your 3 handicap. Or
perhaps you frequently play to your 15 handicap. You may even think that
Tiger Woods could spot you a stroke per hole and you'd have a close

Turns out a stroke per hole would be about right if you were about a 3
handicap. And Tiger would still probably win.

The handicaps of our favorite PGA Tour pros remain a mystery. Sure, we
know they're in the "+" realm (which, oddly enough, means better than
scratch, but how far?

PGA Tour courses don't have established ratings. Pros often play from
tees used only in PGA Tour events, the rough is grown extra long and
thick, and greens are sped and firmed up. Each of those changes has a
dramatic effect on the course rating and slope, making it difficult to
ascertain the true nature of a pro's handicap index.

Normally we apply a 0.96 multiplier to a person's average differential
in calculating handicaps. This is to help figure in the
"potential" of a player. A golfer with an un-adjusted handicap index of
5 becomes a 4.8 index after the 0.96 multiplier is applied. It would
make little sense, however, to take a plus-5 handicap to +4.8, so we
must instead divide by 0.96. That would make a +5 golfer a +5.2 golfer,
again figuring in the "potential."

At the Top: Tiger Woods
What does it take to be the top golfer in the world?
Here are the shocking figures:

Used | Date | Score | CR/Slope | Diff. | Tournament
> > * | 01/28/07 | 66 | 78.1/143 | 15.3 | Buick Invitational
> > * | 01/27/07 | 69 | 78.1/143 | 11.5 | Buick Invitational
> > | 01/26/07 | 72 | 78.1/143 | 7.7 | Buick Invitational
> > | 01/27/07 | 66 | 78.1/143 | 8.3 | Buick Invitational
> > * | 09/04/06 | 63 | 74.8/143 | 14.9 | Deutsche Bank
> > * | 09/03/06 | 67 | 74.8/143 | 9.9 | Deutsche Bank
> > | 09/02/06 | 72 | 74.8/143 | 3.5 | Deutsche Bank
> > * | 09/01/06 | 66 | 74.8/143 | 11.1 | Deutsche Bank
> > | 08/27/06 | 68 | 75.1/128 | 8.0 | WGC - Bridgestone Inv.
> > | 08/26/06 | 71 | 75.1/128 | 4.6 | WGC - Bridgestone Inv.
> > * | 08/25/06 | 64 | 75.1/128 | 12.6 | WGC - Bridgestone Inv.
> > | 08/24/06 | 67 | 75.1/128 | 9.2 | WGC - Bridgestone Inv.
> > * | 08/20/06 | 68 | 78.1/151 | 13.5 | PGA Championship
> > * | 08/19/06 | 65 | 78.1/151 | 17.5 | PGA Championship
> > * | 08/18/06 | 68 | 78.1/151 | 13.5 | PGA Championship
> > * | 08/17/06 | 69 | 78.1/151 | 12.2 | PGA Championship
> > | 08/06/06 | 66 | 74.3/133 | 9.8 | Buick Open
> > | 08/05/06 | 66 | 74.3/133 | 9.8 | Buick Open
> > | 08/04/06 | 66 | 74.3/133 | 9.8 | Buick Open
> > | 08/03/06 | 66 | 74.3/133 | 9.8 | Buick Open

Average Differential: 10.6
Best 10 Average Differential: 13.2
Handicap Index: +13.75
Now, take a deep breath and read that again. +13.75. Tiger's WORST ten
differentials average out to +8.05.

Something like 10% of golfers ever reach single digit handicaps.
Tiger's not only done that (while still in the womb, no doubt), but he's
blown through the single digits on the OTHER side of scratch and is in
heretofore unexplored territory at +13.75. That may be the single best
handicap index ever!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Pick a winner

Byron Nelson won 11 tournaments in a row in 1945, a record that may never be matched. Which of the following records do you think is the most impressive?

  • Nelson's 11-straight victories
  • Hank Aaron's 755 career home runs
  • UCLA's run of 10 NCAA basketball titles in 12 years
  • Wayne Gretzky's 2,856 career points

Raise your Geek Flag High

Ladies and gentleman I have discovered the holy grail. It is the bomb!!! Damn I hate that saying, shoot me now people.. Ok back on topic.

Anyhow the grail is of course a new driver. Of course it is... this is me your reading about. Sure I just got a new Burner and I'm killing it...... but theres always that feeling that there could be something better out there.... Behold they mother of ALL driver and i bet 99% of you have never heard of it...

The Geek Golf Dot Com This.. It's a beauty and is THE up and comer in the driver market. They are a component company that is gaining a bigger name all the time. The designer is Steve Alamo who formerly worked for Bang golf among other golf industry names before striking out on his own.

I mated my 10.5' (yes I went up in loft) with a Graman UL780 Limey shaft. This is a killer combo and is the longest driver I've ever hit. I've been in places that I've never been to at my home course, the best part is that these places actually involve the fairway of the hole I'm playing..

Try one for yourself...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Its official I have a new favourite pro golfer. Yep thats right Boo Weekley. I love this guy.

He's soo laid back he's barely awake. And to top it off he is one of the premier ball strikers on the PGA Tour. Big call I know but this guy is good. He lead the Nationwide Tour in GIR's last year with a massive 74.something%

He has always admitted putting he his weakness, as shown when 3 jacked at the Honda to lose the playoff . 3 footers still give him the shakes. Well I say your not real golfer unless your a little apprehensive over a 3 footer.... Anyway you don't have to worry about that if you chip in on the last 2 holes to hold out Ernie Els do you?

Golf Course Facts

Approximate number of golf courses in the world: 31,857.
Proportion of humans who are golfers: 0.94 percent.
Countries with the most courses per capita (minimum 500,000 population): Scotland (9,379 people per course), New Zealand (10,374), Australia (11,063), Republic of Ireland (14,127), Northern Ireland (14,353), Canada (15,480), Wales (18,321), United States (18,514), Sweden (21,295), England (27,725).
Countries with the highest density of courses (minimum 500,000 population): Singapore (one course every 10 square miles), England (27), Northern Ireland (40), Wales (50), Scotland (56), Japan (59), Netherlands (75), Mauritius (87), Republic of Ireland (95), Denmark (117).
Most populous countries where we could find no evidence of golf: Ukraine (population 47,732,079), Sudan (39,148,162), Yemen (20,024,867), Mali (11,956,788), Belarus (10,310,520).
Most northerly course: Sondie Arctic Desert G. Cse., Kangerlussuaq, Greenland.
Most southerly: Ushuaia G.C., Argentina.
Most easterly: Tonga G.C., Nukualofa, Tonga.
Most westerly: Faleata C.C., Apia, Samoa.
Ratio of courses in the U.S. to courses in the African continent: 20 to 1.
Amount of earth's land mass devoted to golf courses: 0.014 percent.

Kiwi hits MySpace

As per normal I'm slow to take up another installment of web technology. Hell I'm still mastering the whole tieing shoelaces thing

Here we go Go there and you should find me

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Keep an eye out

Keep an eye out for my fellow and more regular blogger Luke Swilor (Swilors road to tour) . This man has some serious game and just last weekend won himself a Canadian PGA Tour Card. This is a massive achievement in my eyes and I'm sure many others (among the whole 2.5 people that read this).

If you want want to keep an eye out for Luke check out

Oh well Nike will give him a new one

Man it must be good having a rep just giving you new clubs when you need them. I think I do my fair share of keeping my local pro shop in the red. Heres a great pic of Tiger's break at the Masters

New Cleveland offerings

And these here are the new CGRed from Cleveland golf. The good news is that they aren't made from the CMM material the last models were.

  • Bright colors
  • Thermoplastic (TPU) insert for vibration damping (feel)
  • MCT - Next generation Micro-Cavity Technology displaces weight for lower CG (stability)
  • Hosel markings for custom fitting These replace the CG2s and CG4 Tours

  • Then we have to CGGold irons, same basic principle but a little more forgiving/ These replace the CG4's. Personally I think they are both hideous but meh what would i know

  • Tuesday, April 10, 2007

    By the way

    Congrats to Zach Johnsone for winning the 2007 Masters.

    I've been shopping.

    I decided it was time for a little bag update. Sure it was damn near midnight and I'd had a few rums. After buying the Burner the other I decided to fit out the rest of my bag.

    I decided to go the component route again and get a set of Purefit MB's to replace my aging CG2's. The 3 wood and Hybrid stays the same. I've picked up a Tad Moore TM2 putter. Which shock horror is std length. Well 33 inches anyway. Thats a big drop for me from my belly putter. And to top it all off I picked up a set (ok 2 sets) of Adam Pugilelli wedges from They were a steal.

    Don't know when they'll all be here. Might be a while for the irons. I don't think the distributor down here has anymore in stock. They're getting Femco White X-Stiff shafts +1 inch... Lovely....I love getting golf parcels....Hmmmm now that gets me think, I need a sweet looking bag to put them in.

    ## Patrica I anwsered your question for you

    Sunday, April 08, 2007

    The new Burner

    Well I finally hit the new TaylorMade Burner today.. WOW TaylorMade bought out a new driver now theres a surprise... Not.

    Anyway back on topic I quite liked it. Nice shape. The graphics are sweet man, damn I like that look. My forgivings being that it sat wayyyy closed. I had to open it up a little to get it to fly right and that is definitely not a feeling that makes you all that comfortable with a driver. The shaft also felt a little light for liking (50 gram) but I did like the extra length it was. But then again I order all my clubs plus an inch anyway.

    The reason I'm in the market for a new driver is I cracked my beloved HiBore, I was not impressed. I had my J33R in the bag for a while but sold that so now just have a piece of crap Titty 905T I found in the garage that I don't remember buying. Oh well time to go shopping again