Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Is it just me or is the anticipation or an impending arrival of a new set of sticks sometimes just totally frustrating. I'm not quite at the point of checking the tracking number every 10 minutes, only once so far but I'm waiting.... Though not patiently lol

Tour Championship thought's

I've been tossing around the subject of the Tour Championship's current invitational format, which is limited to those among among the Top 30 on the Money List.

"That format with its 'no replacement' policy is ratified by the oversight board which includes player members elected by their peers to represent their interests. So they all know that this reward, playing in the lucrative tour Championship, further separates the top 30 from the rest, eligibility for next year's special criteria events included. This event has been as it is since the late 1980's. If the players felt strongly enough about your points, they would have changed things by now. IMHO, it's a non-issue for the rank and file."I agree with that, and it makes me realize something ....

The PGA Tour tends to promote its own interests by several means at the expense of the events it can not control - the four Grand Slam Majors. The Tour Championship's current invitational format, as well as whatever will be the format for the upcoming Fed Ex Cup, is a case in point.Any Grand Slam champion not among the Top 30 Money Leaders does not get an invitation. And, as stated before, only the race for Top 20 Money Leader, worth a British Open invitation, as well as that for Leading Money Winner, is decided at the event. Meanwhile, the races for Top 30 (US Open) and Top 40 (Masters) are decided elsewhere. The less references to the Majors, the better it would seem.To me, it is ironic that, among the four grand slam majors, only the British Open invitations are up for grabs at the Tour Championship. For many years prior to 1995, the PGA Tour did not even recognize the British Open as official in any way, shape or form!

You can win events that the PGA Tour DOES control - the three official money World Golf Championships as well as the Players Championship - and NOT be guaranteed to be invited to the Tour Championship. How about THAT !!?In my view, any tie-in to golf's biggest championships should serve as an enhancement to an event like the Tour Championship.

So now with Tiger, Man Boob's Mickelson and Weir (injury) it's a 27 man field, which is apparently the way the players want it seeing as how they voted it in that way. Why??? Less player's, same purse. Simple as that, as if they don't make enough anyway