Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tattoo Update

I see Tattoo Golf have updated there site. Spent some $$$ about this time last year and got some great looking stuff. Check it out. It's top quality stuff.

Monday, January 29, 2007

TaylorMades new stuff


Meet the all new TaylorMade R7 SuperQuad. It features a 460cc chassis with 4 weight ports. It also features an All Black Head, sole and face included. It was supposed to be limited edition, but then again so was the 510TP and we all know what happened there.......... Gosh, a 460cc head with 4 weights, Damn never seen that coming............

Burner Series

And this would of course be the Burner series. Sorry no bubble shaft. Its another new model and a lower price point that the R7 model/s. Inc driver's/fairways and rescue clubs at the moment.

# The Burner driver was in John Dalys bag at the Buick this past week

Big JD

I've just finished John Dalys new book last night "In & Out of the Rough".. Wow!!! Great read. Quite one on the most honest, and entertaining books I've ever read.

Biographys by and large bore to tears. You can almost predict the order the chapters will be in. Kind of a little the same but just damn funny. He talks about everything from his upbringing, his golf career, women in his life and of course his drinking and gambling habits.

By the way this book was really hard to find in down here in NZ, I got kinda pissed waiting so just ended up buying it off amazon.com. Picked up the new Ben Hogan book as well.

I get to the course after work for a quick nine holes and lo and behold one of my mates see's the book lying in the back of my car. It didn't stay there long and now has a waiting list if people to read it of about 7. Best thing is though I'm charging everyone a 6 pack a piece.. Sweet

Great read 5 *****


Congrats to Luke Swilor on his first win of the year. The first of the many I'm sure. Lukes blog is great to follow during the year if you want find out a little about the life of mini tour pro golfer.

I follow Brian Quackenbush a little as well


Words cannot describe what the designers were smoking when the came up with this..........


After a comment about a new driver from Speedy (theres a link there on the left) I thought I'd write up a post about drivers that are great sticks and can be had for a great price, the reason...... or catch whatever you like to call it is that are last years model... Big deal.

Heres a few of them. . . . . . .

NIKE Mens SasQuatch 460 Ti Drivers

Great driver, ugly as sin to my eyes but it goes, damn does it go long. But the powerbow is just hideous. Stock shaft is pretty crap, I'd recommend going up a flex, they play about 1/2 a flex softer than normal. TGW.com has them for $199 but they probably can easily been found cheaper. After all the square version is on the way.

Orlimar Golf HTi440

Very very very underated driver. I've got one around here somewhere.. or I lend it too someone, I forget. Anyhow rockbottomgolf.com has em for the baragin price of $69, don't let the price fool you. It is a great whooping stick


Nice club this one, only $159 at gppgolf.com but if you offered them less they'd take it. One of the most forgiving drivers around. The moon alignment aid is ugly but I just painted over it on the one I had.


Solid driver, miles ahead of the original R7 in my opinion. Silly easy to hit, as normal the stock TM shafts are just well... arse........ Sounds like a good description to me. Great stick too. Can be bought in Neutaland draw bias and of course this a TP version as well


Yes I know I'm completely awfully biased here, it is after what I have in my bag but well I don't care. Great club. Long, easy to hit. I actullay like the shape and they can now be had for around $179 at rockbottom. Of course if you stick a Graman Limey shaft in it it will be even better, yep got one of those too.

Now don't forget e-bay, plenty of bargains to be had there, just watch out for all the clones and fake crap floating around. Another tip is when your buying a driver from the previous year, never ever pay the retail price. The retailer will be open for bit leeway in the price, they will want too move them before all the new models turn up in store... And don't be afraid to walk away......

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Will Wilson make it back

For the young bucks reading this, Wilson Staff blades were once "it." Look in the bag of a professional or a top amatuer, chances are - gorgeous chrome plated staffs would be the weapon of choice.

Unfortunately, the advent of CB's, metalwoods and later titanium woods shocked their world. While they continued to make great irons, companies like TM and Cally sold millions of high dollar metalwoods. BUT - Wilson woods kind of sucked (actually really sucked).

The slow decline culminated with the dreaded FATSHAFT era. Although you can find a ton of hackers who love them, they looked awful and I honestly hadn't seen a Wilson in the bag of a decent golfer in years (except for a few oldtimers with old blades - they were very good).

A few years ago, Wilson got new ownership and tried to rebuild their brand. While it hasn't been a smashing success, they seem to be getting a little "buzz" for the first time in years. Paddy is winning the order of merit. They even have a very small tour staff.

My review of their current equipment;

Fi Irons - arguably the best looking irons on earth - you better have game b/c they are all blade. I have never actually seen them outside a golf store.

Pi Irons - IMHO - oneof the most underated iron on the market. These babies caused me to buy an extra set of irons despite having new TM TP's. At address, they look like blades. They have great forgiveness and perfect balance.

Ci Irons - look perfect for a mid-handicapper. GI without going off the deep end.

Di Irons - well, they brought back the FatShaft, but had the brains not to tell anyone. If you need/want ultra-GI shovels, these babies have it all.

Drivers - still kind of blow - not bad, but always about 2 years behind. The new one is looking promising though

FW - No idea I've never actually seen one in person, which of course is a bad thing.

Putters - Kirk Currie might be a great designer, but his putters are fugly. The weird balance weights are not mainstream enough to be a big seller.

My marketing plan to finish the job:1. Tour Service - set up their own version of WRX. Staff can be hard to find in proshops. If guys can special order custom irons with frequency matched shafts, dead on SW's, custom grips, they can start getting the top amatuers at clubs to start playing them. Offering custom grinds on those gorgeous wedges would a special touch. 2. Tour Guys - instead of the Adams (senior tour) strategy, I would go with a few young guns. Someone with game and a big mouth would be nice.

Enough already

Taylormade golf do exactly nothing to help a club ho like me to stop buying new drivers, sure I play a HiBore but thats not the point. Heres a list of what TGW.com currently have for sale in Taylormade

R7 Quad
R5 Dual
R7 superquad
R7 Quad HT
R7 draw
R7 460
Burner 460
R7 425
Burner 460 TP
R7 Quad TP
R7 425 TP
R7 460 TP

Thats 14 models Enough already. Imagine the number of drivers just sitting in proshops/ warehouses in just the USA alone, the number would be huge. And I wouldn't be surprised to see at least 3 models before Xmas either. Ok thats enough of my rant for the day

I'm alive!!!!

Guess who forgot about their blog ! ! ! ! Yep that'd be me. Thanks to speedycat hollydale for reminding me. I'll be sure to post more often soon.

Speaking of disappearing acts... Where the hells Jamboy gone again, he must be off on another crack fueled love fest..