Saturday, July 28, 2007

How good is -1 on tour

I found this post over at Golfwrx. Good reading

Here's something i did a while back for another forum, interesting statistics for sure

:As some of you know i am a Financial Analyst by profession. I sit around financial data all day long and practically LIVE in Excel.

So for fun i did a VERY BASIC analysis of how good -1 par on the PGA Tour really is.

If you could make the tour and average -1 par PER ROUND (total tournament score of -4 par) how would you fair?Note: these statistics do not include any majors or world golf championshp events, however all other events played this year (through the travellers, i haven't kept up with the data)

Here you go:
Best Finish: 4th
Worst Finish: T59th
Average Finish: 26.35
Top 5s: 2
Top 10s: 1
Top 15s: 3
Top 20s: 7
Top 30s: 4
Cuts Missed: 1 (Buick Invitational)
Total $ Won: $1,523,411
Best $ Won: $264,000 (finished 4th)
Worst $ Won: $12,720 (finished T48, note this is not the worst finish of the year either, worst is T59 but won more money)
Average $ Won: $76,171
Scoring Average: 70.05
Money List Rank: 24nd
Scoring Average Rank: 21st
FedEx Points Rank: 25th

Looks like if you could make the show and average -1 par each round you'd be sitting pretty good. This was a quick and dirty analysis and it was not adjusted for course level of difficulty. This was simply what could -1 par each round under any condidtion (except majors) produce. This one also includes the results from the Travelers. Lastly please note that i did not recalculate what this player would have won if they were simply added to the field. Meaning if 3 people tied for 12th and this new player tied as well the money might be a bit lower. I simply took the numbers and found if you were one of those people where would you stand on the PGA tour.

Also here is what someone else posted in this thread i started which is interesting about what -1 each round would get in regards to Q-School performance:In fact...-4 would get you through all but two of the first stage qualifiers (the other two it would miss by one shot). It would have gotten you through three of the six second stage qualifiers. You would have missed making it to the PGA Tour by two shots in final stage of Q-School. (8 under got in after six rounds). So still, -1 is pretty darn good.