Friday, December 18, 2009


Well work's over for the year. It's summer time. Time to play golf. And hopefully play it a half decent standard. The winter was a bit of disaster golfwise down here. Basically the weather was rat shit and I just couldn't be assed going out to play in that often after working in it all week.
On the plus side, the 1 iron is going like dream. If I can develop a half decent wedge game, and stopputting like a blind man with parkinson's. I may in fact be able to play this game with wanting to sever my own limbs periodically during the round.

Have a great Christmas everyone, try not to get arrested and drink a keg a week. Catch ya in '10

Saturday, October 03, 2009


I have a 9 wood now. Don't laugh, well too much anyway. I may in fact be one of the few people on the planet now with a 9 wood and a 1 iron in the bag. A blade 1 iron no less. It make's absolutely no sense I know, but who care's. It works.

Thursday, July 09, 2009


Just thought I'd throw a post out there about one of the newest golf website's out there. If you want to be in the know about new product release's and prototype clubs out there, these guys are the guy's to visit.

Is it just me?

Or are golf clubs getting cheaper. Obviously I'm not talking about brand new off the rack OEM clubs, the cost a small fortune. I'm talking about the ebay, auction site's and various BST's online for 2nd hand clubs. Maybe this has something to do with the recession thing that I've been hearing about.

I admit it, I do then to go through golf clubs like a hooker goes through boxe's of rubber's. But I'm finding that digging for that 2nd hand, used, ex demo bargain that we all look for is a little easier. People may just be selling just to get the cash for stuff they don't use.

I love it. I can buy more clubs now, for less money. Brilliant, I'm in heaven.

They get all the perks.

As we know The Open Championship is being played the week after next. Which of course is on the other side of the planet, from where all the pampered PGA Tour player's normally ply there trade. With the John Deere Classic (formerly Quad City Open?) on this week that would normally make for a pretty damn quick turn around. Finish at the JD Sunday night, assuming you make the cut of course. And you then want to be in the land of the Brit's by Tuesday morning at the latest.

The John Organizer's have come up with a solution. They charter a plane with a 100 seats, which will have you over the pond, direct flight of course by early Monday morning. Brilliant. The tournament committee came up with the idea to encourage more top tier player's to play there event, without having to stress and worry about there travel. Seats can be bought for $1250US with each player allocated 3. Of course the money goes to charity. It's cost's the tournament guys are 300K to put the plane on, but that is only half the price. The Canadian Open which the week after uses the same plan to get players/caddys from Britain to Canuckland.

Incidentally, it is also the same plane used by NBA team Dallas Mavericks. So head and legroom is a non issue. Unless there are some 7ft pro golfer's around that I haven't heard of.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Taking a lesson

Well to start I have to say this. I hate golf lessons with a passion. I've only ever had 2, and afterward's came away that confused and played that bad I just didn't play for a while. I'm a 3 marker at the moment so I know how to hit the ball. But my swing is somewhat, what's the word...hideous/awful/unreliable, you get the idea.

I'm getting a few tips off the club champ at my club, a guy who is robot on the course. Everything is flushed. And I can beat him occasionally. The best bit is he wants paid in beer, which of course I get to help drink.

Had the first one tonight. Apparently I stand to far away from the ball, Stand wayyy to upright. Have all my weight on my heels. And don't even get him started on my grip. Great, I've been here 10 mins, hit 12 balls and I'm ripped to shred's. It's just being back at school. Funny thing is I'm not the type of person who really likes getting told what to do. But after a few/many teething problems, I started to hit it pretty good. Sure standing that much closer to ball felt the clubhead was going to hit my toes and the grip end was going sever my nut's from my crutch. But the ball was flying a little straighter.

Damn it now I'm going to have practice more often or I end up in that dreaded place. Between 1 swing and the other. Otherwise known and Shankland. And my passport has many stamps from that over the last while so I'm in no hurry to go back.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

TM resurects another old fav

First they bought back the Burner. Which incidentally I hated when I first seen it. The loved it when I hit it. Well they've done it again. Ladies and Gents please welcome back The Raylor.

Yes you read it right, the Raylor. Remember when it first came out. Everyone that looked at it went WTF is that. It was a hybrid before there were hybrids. Lots of people liked them, not a look bought them though.

Kenny Perry and Fred Funk were both spotted practicing with different versions at Bethpage last weekend. This week thru 54 holes Perry is 2nd and Funk is leading after 36 holes on the Champions Tour this week. Coincidence? Hell yes. But it sounds great. (TM better send me a cheque if they use that).

By the way. It's a great looking little club. Can't wait for it to hit retail.

First they bought back the Burner. Which incidentally I hated when I first seen it. The loved it when I hit it. Well they've done it again. Ladies and Gents please welcome back The Raylor.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nothing like a beating

Hell I didn't even put up a fight today. If you've the read the post below you know what I'm talking about. It all started with a push/block w/ 3 wood off the 1st tee into the rainforest. And it didn't get any better. I never won a hole, had to scratch out halves just too survive. Had a chance on the 6th hole when my approach hit the flagstick at the base, carved out half the hole and still ended up 5 feet away. And No, the putt never even sniffed the hole. Smack me in the head with a SW please.
I proceeded to block cut after block cut off the tee to go down painfully and embarrassingly 6/5.

And yet I dragged myself out today for a 2 man scramble. Personally I hate scrambles. But after yesterday we decided it was just a piss up with golf clubs. We played crap, maybe a little/lot with a buzz going on a had a lot of fun. We shot -3 and finished so far out of the prize's it was laughable. I did see a 3 wood shank though, that made my day. I didn't know it was possible.

On the US Water Polo champs, I mean US Open. Hmmmm Rain delays suck, why you ask? Listening to the commentator's can lead to perfectly sane people blowing up the tv with a 12 gauge. Steve Stricker's my pick. Remember you heard it here 1st, or 4th or 5674th. Hell I don't care, but I've $$$ on him

# Just seen what Stuart Appleby had to say on Twitter today (no I dont have Twitter, I have barely evolved to Facebook.)Anyway it's a great quote.
"My pools drier then BethPage right now. Wetter then an otters pocket. Poor spectators will be in slop by the end of tomorrow."
That's gold, although he did miss the cut by country mile.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Winter Golf

Well for those that missed me (admit it, most of you are going "Who the fu*& is this") yes I am alive. And still attempting to play golf without wanting to kill myself in the the same 18 holes.

It is now winter again (dammit) down in this fine but freezing part of the world. That of course means winter golf. Which in turns means I play once every couple of weeks when the sky is blue and the temp above freezing. Soft you say. I work outside for a living, why in the hell would I want too go back out there for the 2 days a week I get too myself.

So back to the subject at hands. That means wet cold weather (obviously DOH dumbass), wet ugly crappy crappy lie's in the rough. clean and place in the fairway, (HA like I'm ever in the fairway, who am I kidding). Slow bumpy greens. But on the plus side not many other people are dumb enough to try and play golf those days so at least the rounds are pretty speedy. Of course that may be due in part to the bottle of rum ( nectar of the gods) that lives in my bag this time of year.

I'm going through a from slump at the moment. After getting my index as low as I have got it before I have seemingly forgotten how to hit a ball and breaking 80 is now a mission. To top this off I'm stuck in the position of having to pay No2 for my club this weekend in the local inter-club competition. I have no hopes the way I am playing as long I as I don't embarrass myself too much. Wish me well. If I fail in this endeavour there will no doubt be a drunken reply to this post tomorrow.

Wish me well, or least hope for the best.