Monday, July 24, 2006

Big tournament last weekend

Played in the Annual Fiordland Classic in the weekend on the shores of Lake Te Anau. Was a pretty big field as it normally is. The tournament it self is played over 2 days on what can only be described as having views to rival any course.

It's a 2 man team event and we unlucky to draw the last tee time of the day on the Saturday. We teed off at 12;50 off the 15th tee the format being a 4BBB nett. We both played pretty average and only finished with a nett 67 to put us 10 back after the first day. The greens were pretty average after having a couple of hundred people trampling over them before us but thats no excuse for the way we both hit the ball.

The next day we were off at the ungodly hour of 8;11am. Which is not flash if you hadn't got to bed till 3;30am. But then again 90% of field were at the pub with us. The lucky ones with the afternoon tee times were shall we say getting slightly cursed at by the rest of us.

The golf was well pretty good for the first few holes but unforunately then we both sobered up and then wheels fell off. I eagled the last to break 80 by 1 which lead a nett 76 (oh whopee). Paul my team mate wasn't so lucky having a nett 83 (103 off the bat).

The high point being we won a little haggle between us and 3 other teams after finishing with a team score of 226 to beat the 3 other by 2.

Overall we came in mid field somewhere I think. I don't remember much of the prizegiving... oh come on it didn't start till 8pm and we were off the course by midday. We went to the pub to watch some big screen car racing and a few pints to fill in the afternoon..

OH yeah BTW I did manage to take out the senior Long Drive. Pretty cool prize of a bottle of rum. Pity is was the only other fairway I hit all day...........

Friday, July 07, 2006

Can't wait for this

Titliest have said for the last couple of years that they would never make a wood style hybrid. But then again so did PING and the G5 is out. Well Titliest have gone back on there word... Sure we've had the awful 503H, the oversized driving iron with about 2 feet of offset but here is the new proto........ The 585H. It's due for release sometime around August. Yes it can be found on e-bay at the moment occasionally, but be prepared to shell out around $900US....... I think I can wait a month or so..

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Josh Hardaway

Whatever works eh!!!!

Kinda funny !!

Bedroom Golf Rules

1. Each player shall furnish his own equipment. Normally one club and two balls.

2. Play on a course must be approved by the owner of the hole.

3. Unlike outdoor golf, the object is to get the CLUB in the hole and keep the balls out.

4. For most effective play, the club should have a firm shaft. Course owners are permitted to check shaft stiffness before play begins.

5. Course owners reserve the right to restrict shaft length so not to damage the hole(s).

6. The object of the game is to take as many strokes as necessary until the course owner is satisfied that the play is complete. Failure to do so may result in being denied permission to play the course again.

7. It is considered bad form to begin playing the hole immediately upon arrival at the course. The experienced player will take time to admire the entire course with special attention to the well-formed bunkers.

8. Players are cautioned not to mention other courses they have played or are currently playing to the owner of the course being played. Upset course owners have been known to damage a players equipment for this reason.

9. Players are encouraged to bring proper rain gear for their own protection.

10. Players should assure themselves that their match has been properly scheduled, particularly when a new course is being played. Previous players have been known to become irate if they discover someone else playing on what they consider to be their private course.

11. Players should not assume a course is in shape for play at all times.

12. Players are advised to be extremely tactful in this situation. More advanced players will find an alternate means of play when this occurs.

13. Players are strongly encouraged to obtain permission before playing the Back Nine.

14. Slow play is encouraged. However, players should be prepared to proceed at a faster pace, at least temporarily, at the owners request.

15. It is considered outstanding performance; time permitting, to play the same hole several times in one match

Saturday, July 01, 2006

New Record!!!

Well for me anyway... Not that guy's probably care but I broke my record for consectutive birdie's. It was 3 which I've done a few times but today I had 4. I birdied 9,10,11 and 12. not too bad considering the course was still frozen when I tee'd off. It was a bit tricky to say the least. Nothing worse than pitching an approach to 2 feet then watching it caroom 30 yards out the back. I bogeyed the first 5 but wasn't really worried.
I finished +2 74 to take out best gross from a field of 134. About 4th best nett in grade. Best part was the handicapper cocked it up an h/c'd me at a 76!!! Sweet!! i don't wanna go down anyway.

BTW Good luck to Cambo in the French Open. He's T3 after 2 rounds!