Sunday, June 04, 2006

One of those day's

You know those game's where can't actually get anything going. I had one today. I shot 75 but felt it could and should have been better.. Granted the weather wasn't great. About maybe 8 degree's maybe , that's celcius of course. Here's a round desrciption.

#1 Rescue off the tee for safety, translation_ blocked right under a tree. chip out, SW in, hole 30 footer PAR
#2 Pulled 7 iron into bunker, ball's plugged bad. Dig it out to 20 feet, hole the putt PAR

Looking good about now.

#3 crushed driver then 5 iron layup 2nd. Have SW left and fudge it short right. Awful chip but nail 10 footer for par Sweet!!! PAR
#4 Good drive, bad 7 iron right, up and down PAR
#5 driver over top of dog leg, LW in, miss 5 footer for birdie PAR
#6 Fugly 4 iron short right Again, Up and down PAR
#7 good driver, big 3 wood cut round the corner, chip lip's out and tap in for BIRDIE.
#8 stroke hole 1, just play sensible but no worst swing of the day, bad pull hook behind some tree's. Punch through and play a wedge in and 2 putt for BOGEY
#9 another great job, I hang off a 3 wood 2nd, it downwind and pull it into greenside bunker. Play out to 5 feet, miss the putt and make PAR

Now considering the condtion's -1 is good right. Of course so i start thinking about how I should finish........ BAD IDEA

#10 Big peeling cut of the tee OB, thrash the 2nd tee shot in anger. Pull rescue just short and hole the putt for an unlikely par
#11 cut a 4 iron through 5 tree's without touching a thing, 2 putt par
#12 not too bad a 3 wood off the tee. Ugly PW way short. Up and down par
#13 Rescue over the dogleg, SW pulled AGAIN!!!!!! into bunker. Bunker short lip's out PAR
#14 Thrash drive too about 40 yard's form green but flub it to just on the green, Flag's at the back. Ugly 1st putt 8 feet short, hole that for PAR
#15 Drive into left rough. Really thinned 8 iron right into the crap. Chunk it onto the green. 2 putt BOGEY
#16 another goods drive, pulled wrong club and end up short. up & doen PAR
#17 Good drive, (loving this new driver combo) Pretty good second to about 20 feet, # jack time BOGEY
#18 PW in 2 putt PAR

= +1 73

Considering how well I hit the ball off the tee (excluding 10) I just couldn't get an iron close. Any where close actually. Putting was average. Oh well, alway's next week a