Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nothing like a beating

Hell I didn't even put up a fight today. If you've the read the post below you know what I'm talking about. It all started with a push/block w/ 3 wood off the 1st tee into the rainforest. And it didn't get any better. I never won a hole, had to scratch out halves just too survive. Had a chance on the 6th hole when my approach hit the flagstick at the base, carved out half the hole and still ended up 5 feet away. And No, the putt never even sniffed the hole. Smack me in the head with a SW please.
I proceeded to block cut after block cut off the tee to go down painfully and embarrassingly 6/5.

And yet I dragged myself out today for a 2 man scramble. Personally I hate scrambles. But after yesterday we decided it was just a piss up with golf clubs. We played crap, maybe a little/lot with a buzz going on a had a lot of fun. We shot -3 and finished so far out of the prize's it was laughable. I did see a 3 wood shank though, that made my day. I didn't know it was possible.

On the US Water Polo champs, I mean US Open. Hmmmm Rain delays suck, why you ask? Listening to the commentator's can lead to perfectly sane people blowing up the tv with a 12 gauge. Steve Stricker's my pick. Remember you heard it here 1st, or 4th or 5674th. Hell I don't care, but I've $$$ on him

# Just seen what Stuart Appleby had to say on Twitter today (no I dont have Twitter, I have barely evolved to Facebook.)Anyway it's a great quote.
"My pools drier then BethPage right now. Wetter then an otters pocket. Poor spectators will be in slop by the end of tomorrow."
That's gold, although he did miss the cut by country mile.