Friday, June 19, 2009

Winter Golf

Well for those that missed me (admit it, most of you are going "Who the fu*& is this") yes I am alive. And still attempting to play golf without wanting to kill myself in the the same 18 holes.

It is now winter again (dammit) down in this fine but freezing part of the world. That of course means winter golf. Which in turns means I play once every couple of weeks when the sky is blue and the temp above freezing. Soft you say. I work outside for a living, why in the hell would I want too go back out there for the 2 days a week I get too myself.

So back to the subject at hands. That means wet cold weather (obviously DOH dumbass), wet ugly crappy crappy lie's in the rough. clean and place in the fairway, (HA like I'm ever in the fairway, who am I kidding). Slow bumpy greens. But on the plus side not many other people are dumb enough to try and play golf those days so at least the rounds are pretty speedy. Of course that may be due in part to the bottle of rum ( nectar of the gods) that lives in my bag this time of year.

I'm going through a from slump at the moment. After getting my index as low as I have got it before I have seemingly forgotten how to hit a ball and breaking 80 is now a mission. To top this off I'm stuck in the position of having to pay No2 for my club this weekend in the local inter-club competition. I have no hopes the way I am playing as long I as I don't embarrass myself too much. Wish me well. If I fail in this endeavour there will no doubt be a drunken reply to this post tomorrow.

Wish me well, or least hope for the best.