Monday, January 29, 2007

TaylorMades new stuff


Meet the all new TaylorMade R7 SuperQuad. It features a 460cc chassis with 4 weight ports. It also features an All Black Head, sole and face included. It was supposed to be limited edition, but then again so was the 510TP and we all know what happened there.......... Gosh, a 460cc head with 4 weights, Damn never seen that coming............

Burner Series

And this would of course be the Burner series. Sorry no bubble shaft. Its another new model and a lower price point that the R7 model/s. Inc driver's/fairways and rescue clubs at the moment.

# The Burner driver was in John Dalys bag at the Buick this past week


Jam Boy said...

Hey Kiwi--

I can't believe how big drivers are these days. People make fun of me for sticking with my Titleist 975D. I measure that driver up with some of these new clubheads--like the ping G5 driver-head and everything gets all fuzzy. 460cc? Do you happen to know, under the rules of golf what the maximum limit is?

Or maybe there is no limit. Maybe, as long as there's no "trampoline effect," manufacturers can just keep expanding clubhead sizes ad nauseum. Maybe someday drivers will be about 550cc's...have a button on the grip that you press at the top of the backswing... which ejects two wings to successfully guide your clubhead into the ball right on the screws at impact.

Or maybe higher-handicappers will compete on a show someday similar to "Pimp my Ride" except it's "Pimp my Driver." They can spray the drivers different colors, throw a plasma TV on it, maybe a juicer hanging off the side if you're thirsty and perhaps some chinchilla hair on the grip instead of rubber.

Sorry, I'll stop. I just couldn't help myself.

mediaguru @ said...

Stop by my blog and check and videos on these drivers from the PGA Show...

Anonymous said...

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