Sunday, January 28, 2007

Enough already

Taylormade golf do exactly nothing to help a club ho like me to stop buying new drivers, sure I play a HiBore but thats not the point. Heres a list of what currently have for sale in Taylormade

R7 Quad
R5 Dual
R7 superquad
R7 Quad HT
R7 draw
R7 460
Burner 460
R7 425
Burner 460 TP
R7 Quad TP
R7 425 TP
R7 460 TP

Thats 14 models Enough already. Imagine the number of drivers just sitting in proshops/ warehouses in just the USA alone, the number would be huge. And I wouldn't be surprised to see at least 3 models before Xmas either. Ok thats enough of my rant for the day

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