Monday, January 29, 2007


After a comment about a new driver from Speedy (theres a link there on the left) I thought I'd write up a post about drivers that are great sticks and can be had for a great price, the reason...... or catch whatever you like to call it is that are last years model... Big deal.

Heres a few of them. . . . . . .

NIKE Mens SasQuatch 460 Ti Drivers

Great driver, ugly as sin to my eyes but it goes, damn does it go long. But the powerbow is just hideous. Stock shaft is pretty crap, I'd recommend going up a flex, they play about 1/2 a flex softer than normal. has them for $199 but they probably can easily been found cheaper. After all the square version is on the way.

Orlimar Golf HTi440

Very very very underated driver. I've got one around here somewhere.. or I lend it too someone, I forget. Anyhow has em for the baragin price of $69, don't let the price fool you. It is a great whooping stick


Nice club this one, only $159 at but if you offered them less they'd take it. One of the most forgiving drivers around. The moon alignment aid is ugly but I just painted over it on the one I had.


Solid driver, miles ahead of the original R7 in my opinion. Silly easy to hit, as normal the stock TM shafts are just well... arse........ Sounds like a good description to me. Great stick too. Can be bought in Neutaland draw bias and of course this a TP version as well


Yes I know I'm completely awfully biased here, it is after what I have in my bag but well I don't care. Great club. Long, easy to hit. I actullay like the shape and they can now be had for around $179 at rockbottom. Of course if you stick a Graman Limey shaft in it it will be even better, yep got one of those too.

Now don't forget e-bay, plenty of bargains to be had there, just watch out for all the clones and fake crap floating around. Another tip is when your buying a driver from the previous year, never ever pay the retail price. The retailer will be open for bit leeway in the price, they will want too move them before all the new models turn up in store... And don't be afraid to walk away......