Monday, January 29, 2007

Big JD

I've just finished John Dalys new book last night "In & Out of the Rough".. Wow!!! Great read. Quite one on the most honest, and entertaining books I've ever read.

Biographys by and large bore to tears. You can almost predict the order the chapters will be in. Kind of a little the same but just damn funny. He talks about everything from his upbringing, his golf career, women in his life and of course his drinking and gambling habits.

By the way this book was really hard to find in down here in NZ, I got kinda pissed waiting so just ended up buying it off Picked up the new Ben Hogan book as well.

I get to the course after work for a quick nine holes and lo and behold one of my mates see's the book lying in the back of my car. It didn't stay there long and now has a waiting list if people to read it of about 7. Best thing is though I'm charging everyone a 6 pack a piece.. Sweet

Great read 5 *****