Sunday, November 05, 2006

Random thoughts

# Joe Durant continued his streak of good play on Friday with a 2-under 68. Durant has recorded 17 of his last 18 rounds at par or better, including 15 consecutive. During his last four and a half tournaments, Durant’s scoring average has been 68.17, compared to a scoring average 71.38 during his first 23 tournaments.

#Kiwi Doug Hollaway has made it through the first round of Q-School in the US. He finished at +3 for the four rounds finishing 14th, the top 25 moved onto the next stage.

# Brad Heaven will need a great last round to do the same, he is currently +10 with a round to go in 37th place. I'm picking the cut to be around +5. He'll have to have a stunner considering the lowest round all week is 68 at this qualifying locaton


dilly said...

#1 in driving acc. too is mr durant.That always helps,considering the length & density of the rough is advancing at the same rate as the club & ball technology is 0_o.But then again,the game is to be played in the short stuff so i guess they'll just have to deal with it :P haha

Kiwi said...

didn't realise that. Mr Funk must have been knocked off his throne