Sunday, November 05, 2006

Belly Putters

Ok here's a fairly controversial topic among golfers. Me personally I've always been a streaky putter, either shit hot or stone cold. Unforunately stone cold more often than not...

After a particularly bad patch just before Xmas last year I pretty much gave up in disgust and bought a belly putter and a broomstick. Took the broomstick out first but that was a waste of time. It's far to long and it's actually bloody hard to use. Not too mention I carry my bag and it kept smacking me in the face when I picked my bag up..Mmmmmm pass.

Next onto the belly. Not what I'd call instant love but encouraging enough for me to continue with it and keep it in the bag ( a rare occurance for me). After a bit of practice over the new year I went out and top qualified for my club champs. Sure I got the mother of all spankings in the semi but meh... What do you do, I had the shanks. Even I can't blame the putter for that.

Now after what ..... 1,2,,,,,11 months of use I have to say I do feel a lot confident over every putt. It's more stable than a standard length putter therefore the stroke is a lot easier. I used to dread 6 footer's but they don't even really worry me now,, apart from the diabolical ones with 1 foot and a bit of break in em..

Don't be scared to try one, yeah sure you get a bit of shit in the beginning for using a grandpa putter but they get over it when they realise how many beer's they owe you..

Of course being the club HO that I am I of course have 3 of them, in fact I bought the 3rd last night.. After all it's never my fault when I miss, it's gotta be the clubs