Saturday, November 04, 2006

10 rules for golf etiquette

Now I'm not the golf etiquitte police or anything.God know's I'm no saint. I don't care what you wear on the course but there a few simple little things that just piss me off on a golf course. Here's few things not too do.... But I will admit #7 is quite cool

1. use your club to try to kill an animal
2. step in peoples lines
3. see how many times you can say the f-word in one sentence
4. talk while people are hitting
5. blame inanimate objects for your bad shots
6. cheat, never cheat ever, the penalty for cheating should be either the stocks, a tar and feathering, or a brick to the head
7. catch "mad air" while in a cart
8. run on the greens
9. fist pump, its not really etiquete, just a pet peave of mine when people do it. You may think you look like tiger, but chances are you just look like your retarded
10. last but certainly not least is... Coaching people, never be "the coach" unless someone asks, they probably are just humoring you by nodding after everything you say but they are really thinking.. if he doesnt shut up in 5 seconds im going to hit him with my 7 iron