Saturday, November 18, 2006


Well US Tour School 2nd stage is underway in 5 locations across America. If you look through the scoreboards you will see the names of players you've heard of and even major winners. Just goes to show how hard it is retain a card after you obtain one.

Check out the leaderboards here

There are a few Kiwis in action and doing pretty well. Phil Tautarangi is T2 in Texas after 2 rounds, Michael Long is 10th in California. Grant Waite is probably gone being in 40th after 3 and only the Top 20 at each site go through to the gruelling 6 round Q-School finals.

Also check out in my links section Brian Quackenbush, he's playing 2nd stage and is doing very well. His site makes great reading. Hope he makes it. It'd be great to get an insider view of the Finals

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