Monday, February 05, 2007

ProPlay fitting systems

This is one of the best aids I've ever come across. Doesn't help that I know the guys who came up with it either... I know kind of biased isn't it.

As we all know the basis for a good swing is a good frip, sure you can make a decent swing with an incorrect grip but it ain't that easy. This system aims to give the perfect grip form beginner to pro. It's perfectly legal and is approved by both the R&A and USGA as far I know.

The system itself is colour-coded. It starts out with you picking a glove that fits your hand (about 8 or so sizes) You then pick a grip with the same colour and have it installed on a club. The glove has little coloured panels on the fingers that are supposed to match up with little coloured corresponding panels on the grip. Damn I'm making an ass of trying to explain this.

Lets just say to me its a great product. Give it a try

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