Saturday, February 10, 2007


Well I finally get rid of the shanks, had a little bit of the yips as well but they seem to have disappeared as well. The game was going down the sewer there for a while.. As can see in the post below I had a 71 in the final round of the Club Champs..

.Here's a little about the round. I birdies 1,3,5,7 to finish the front nine at -4. Par 10, 11, and birdie 12 to get to -5. Its about now I start getting weird strange ideas in my head. After all the course record is only -5 (67). Par 13 after hitting a wedge to 3 feet and snap hooking the birdie, yes, I didn't know it was possible to snap hook a putt either. Get to 14 tee, fairly straight forward Par 4 as long as you don't go left. I take rescue and put the worst swing I've put on a ball in weeks. A shank would have better. It goes about 3 miles right of the fairway into the amazon jungle (trees). I chop my way up the hole. Make a tidy (fugly) triple 7 which kills my card. 15 I was a tad pissed off and ripped off a 310 metre drive. Another bogey on 17 and you have my -1 71. I don't think I've ever been so moody about an under par round. Granted I still won the Champs and the few beers/rums in the 19th made me feel a little better