Sunday, February 18, 2007

3 is a bad number

Not all the time but this weekend it was just well.. a fugly number. Sure scoreing a 3 on a hole is pretty much always a good thing... Just not if your only counting the number of shots taken on 1 green as well all know.

I was up in Te Anau in the weekend playing in a 36 hole tournament on the Saturday and the 1st round of pennants on the Sunday. Well I finished up 4th in some fairly average conditions (summer time my ass) with an ok I suppose 79 in the morning and a level par 72 in the afternoon. That 79 I actually hit the ball better than in the afternoon round but I had 6 putts in the morning. I don't think I've ever had 6 3 putts in a round since about the 4th round I ever played. Wasn't good. I was not impressed. I had just put a new std putter in the bag too. Needless to say it got pulled at lunch and the belly put back in..

Today (Sunday) It was the 1st round of the pennants series. This involves the 7 bigger clubs in my province playing in 6 man matchplay match's. My team is the defending champions having gone undefeated in the round robin and cleaning up in semi's and final. This year we started off with a 3 each Halve. Not great but not bad. It actually came down to my match, it was the only one that went the distance. The other team were leading 3-2 when I was all square with 3 to go. I was actually 2 up with 5 to go back snapped to consecutive drives on 2 holes OB. 16 I flushed rescue down the middle. Wedge to 12 feet, miss the putt. He missed from 25 Halve.. #17 He lays up with 3 wood. I take driver and stripe it to about 35 yards from the green. He's just short with the approach. I semi-skull mine out the back. His chip was awful and I 2 putt for the win... Sweet 1 up 1 to go. I can't and don't wanna lose the hole. We need my win to halve the team match. #18 is 456 par 4, dogleg right. I smash one but block it a little right but gets great bounce to centre f/w way down. He's straight and perfect. He stiffs 6 iron to 3 feet.... Gee no pressure.. I hit wedge 20 feet past the pin that just misses the pin on the fly. I hole my putt after it sits on the lip for a second. In the process nearly giving me a heart attack. But it falls and his putt is pointless. He needed to win the hole.

Pity it was the only putt I holed all weekend, but then again it was when it was perfect timing.

BTW I 3 jacked once Sat Afternoon for a total of 7 in 2 rounds.. None Sunday SWEEETTTTTT

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