Sunday, April 08, 2007

The new Burner

Well I finally hit the new TaylorMade Burner today.. WOW TaylorMade bought out a new driver now theres a surprise... Not.

Anyway back on topic I quite liked it. Nice shape. The graphics are sweet man, damn I like that look. My forgivings being that it sat wayyyy closed. I had to open it up a little to get it to fly right and that is definitely not a feeling that makes you all that comfortable with a driver. The shaft also felt a little light for liking (50 gram) but I did like the extra length it was. But then again I order all my clubs plus an inch anyway.

The reason I'm in the market for a new driver is I cracked my beloved HiBore, I was not impressed. I had my J33R in the bag for a while but sold that so now just have a piece of crap Titty 905T I found in the garage that I don't remember buying. Oh well time to go shopping again


Patricia said...

I don't get what happened to the HiBore...I'm curious because that's what I'm wanting to get.

Kiwi said...

It cracked along the top of the face. Its the first HiBore I've ever heard of doing this. It was the original HiBore too.

By the way this is not the first driver I have ever cracked in this way. Must be the way I hit the ball or something

Anonymous said...

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