Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Golf Course Facts

Approximate number of golf courses in the world: 31,857.
Proportion of humans who are golfers: 0.94 percent.
Countries with the most courses per capita (minimum 500,000 population): Scotland (9,379 people per course), New Zealand (10,374), Australia (11,063), Republic of Ireland (14,127), Northern Ireland (14,353), Canada (15,480), Wales (18,321), United States (18,514), Sweden (21,295), England (27,725).
Countries with the highest density of courses (minimum 500,000 population): Singapore (one course every 10 square miles), England (27), Northern Ireland (40), Wales (50), Scotland (56), Japan (59), Netherlands (75), Mauritius (87), Republic of Ireland (95), Denmark (117).
Most populous countries where we could find no evidence of golf: Ukraine (population 47,732,079), Sudan (39,148,162), Yemen (20,024,867), Mali (11,956,788), Belarus (10,310,520).
Most northerly course: Sondie Arctic Desert G. Cse., Kangerlussuaq, Greenland.
Most southerly: Ushuaia G.C., Argentina.
Most easterly: Tonga G.C., Nukualofa, Tonga.
Most westerly: Faleata C.C., Apia, Samoa.
Ratio of courses in the U.S. to courses in the African continent: 20 to 1.
Amount of earth's land mass devoted to golf courses: 0.014 percent.