Monday, September 25, 2006

Ryder Cup re-cap

Well it's all over an done with now for another couple of years. I did think before hand that the Europeans would be the favourites but I didn't expect them to quite match the same thrashing from last time around.

Seems the captains did a good job with there captain picks. The 4 guy's picked all finshed either 2 or 3 in there respective teams records. Lehman was given a bit of stick for his picks but they both proved themselves. With Verplank being the only man invovled. Quite why Tom only played him twice is beyond me.

The Euro's again proved that they do actually love team matchplay and that actually helps when your playing it. Mickelson looked like he didn't want to be there all week, played like it too. Hell Tger's caddy was even throwing his clubs in the pond.

Well done the Euro's !!!

BTW. Who on the planet does not have the upmost respect for Darren Clarke at the moment