Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Update on my game

Ok boy's and girl's. Now for the post about how crap my game is and how I'm never happy with. Wow there's something you don't hear everyday, A golfer that's not happy with his game.... (Note that

I'm playing 2.2 at the moment and it's going out flat stick. Kinda good I suppose I need the extra shot's. I played in a big amatuer tournament last week. Well should I say I tried, I missed the cut by 3. After of course making a triple down the last.

I can hit it a fair way. There do tend to be lapses in my radar though. Actually a lot of lapse's and can normally scronge a decent score because I consider myself a goodish putter.

In case you don't know I live wayyyyyy down here at the bottom of New Zealand. No it's not that cold and yes we can play year round unlike most golfer's in the USA.